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What does an inspection cost?
There is no charge for your initial inspection. If you've noticed basement flooding or suspect you might have foundation damage, contact us right away for your free estimate!

What will it cost to have my foundation fixed?
United Dynamics, Inc. always offers free estimates and inspections to homeowners. Our experts will completely assess your property's situation and provide a comprehensive, honest evaluation. If foundation repair or basement waterproofing work is necessary, we will provide a written estimate for your convenience and peace of mind.

Do you use subcontractors?
No. United Dynamics, Inc. has a full-time staff of trained, qualified office personnel, representatives, and installers.

Are references available?
Our team repairs thousands of residential properties each year, and we would gladly provide local references. Please don't hesitate to ask your representative about similar projects we've completed in and around Indianapolis.

What are the consequences of delaying foundation repairs or basement waterproofing?
The simple truth is that these problems aren't going to resolve themselves. The longer you wait to seek foundation repair, the worse the damage will become. Ultimately, you could be facing serious structural damage, decreased property value, and impaired home appearance. Protect your investment in your home by seeking the necessary repairs right away.

During the foundation repair process, what can I expect?
At United Dynamics, Inc., our concrete contractors strive to make your home repair process as hassle free as possible. Visit our What to Expect page for additional details.

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