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What to Expect

Homeowners have many questions when the time comes for foundation repair, stabilization, and waterproofing. Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequent and general questions we receive. Remember that every job is unique, and each job will have specific challenges.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have, so please don't hesitate to ask your representative before, during, or after the job. At United Dynamics, Inc., we believe that communication is key to providing our customers with a satisfactory experience, and we're standing by to address any questions or concerns you may have.

When the foundation repairs have been completed, will my house be perfectly realigned?
In most cases, United Dynamics, Inc. will attempt to realign the area in question; however, we cannot provide guarantees. When it comes to foundation repairs, each situation is unique. Because different structures react differently to realignment, the building may not align precisely when the project has been completed. Our foundation contractors will not recommend realigning a structure if there are indications that attempting to do so would further damage the property. Our goal is always to stabilize, and our team will work effectively to ensure your building is securely supported.

Will the cracks in my masonry, stone, or block walls still be visible after the job done?
Visible cracks in the mortar of masonry, stone, or block walls will be repaired as needed. Keep in mind that fresh mortar will generally appear as a slightly different color than the existing mortar. As the new mortar weathers, the colors will appear more closely matched. Additionally, cracks may not close up entirely when we attempt to restore the structure to its original position; this may leave the repaired mortar joints as wider/larger than the original mortar in the surrounding area.

What can I expect to happen on the inside of my house?
When a structure is realigned, any interior cracks may or may not close up. Cracks that have been previously repaired may reappear or new cracks may appear. These types of cracks are normal during the foundation realignment process, and they can be repaired by a drywall or plaster professional.

Doors and windows in the area of repair will be assessed for proper function both before and after the foundation repairs. Doors and windows that do not function properly may be fixed with the realignment, but this is not always the case. Any remaining repairs needed to enable proper door or window operation should be made by a qualified contractor.

United Dynamics, Inc. does not provide repairs for interior drywall or plaster cracks or doors or windows not corrected by the foundation repair.

When the job is done, what will my landscaping and yard look like?
Our team will backfill, tamp, and smooth any and all excavated areas (unless otherwise noted). Both deeper excavations and some soil conditions can make backfilling areas to the original grade difficult. In these cases, the soil will be mounded up at the area of excavation to ensure the settlement of the soil back to the approximate original grade. Future grading may be required at areas excavated, in some cases.

Any plantings will be removed and replaced, but we cannot guarantee their survival. For plants or landscape features of particular concern, we recommend contacting a landscaping professional. Some disturbance to the lawn may occur during your foundation repair process; in those cases, those areas will be re-seeded.

Part of my driveway, patio, etc. had to be removed. Will you repair it?
We will remove only the concrete or asphalt needed to perform the foundation repairs specified in your contract (unless otherwise stated). United Dynamics, Inc. will replace the sections we remove. Remember, the patio or driveway repair will likely be visible; however, it should blend in better with weathering over time.

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