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Foundation Crack Repair

A cracked foundation might not seem like a big deal, but those small cracks can pave the way for a host of larger issues. You might be experiencing foundation settling or deterioration, which can result in an unstable and unsafe foundation. Those cracks might be letting in moisture, which can lead to mold growth and other problems. The longer you wait to schedule foundation crack repair, the worse your situation can become. But help is on the way. In and around Indianapolis, United Dynamics, Inc. is your choice for cracked foundation repair. We’re an experienced and knowledgeable team using proven basement crack repair tactics to give our customers lasting results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

United Dynamics IncWhen you see cracks in a basement floor or cracks in a foundation wall, call United Dynamics, Inc. right away. While you might be tempted to fill the cracks yourself, it’s better to have a foundation specialist take a look instead. Depending on the severity of your business or house foundation cracks, our next steps might include:

  • Piering to reinforce crumbling or settling foundations
  • Excavating and re-pouring concrete
  • Reinforcing bowing basement walls

At United Dynamics, Inc., we’ll always take the time to fully assess your needs. Perhaps you do only need basement crack repair, in which case we’ll inject epoxy everywhere that needs it. However, if your cracked foundation is a symptom of a larger issue, we’re the company to trust for major repairs and reinforcement, as well. We put quality workmanship and customer service first, ensuring you get the foundation crack repair you need.

Licensed & Insured for Cracked Foundation Repair

When you’re dealing with commercial or house foundation cracks, it’s important to hire professionals who are fully qualified for the tasks at hand. United Dynamics, Inc. is proud to be licensed and insured for basement wall crack repair, concrete foundation crack repair, and every other service we provide. On top of those qualifications, we’ve been in our industry since 1989. You can count on us to have the skill to get the job done right.

If you have cracks in a basement floor, basement wall, or exterior foundation and you want to put them in capable hands, contact United Dynamics, Inc. today. We’ll schedule the earliest available appointment to come out to your home or business and assess your situation. We’ll also be happy to offer you a free cost estimate. Foundation cracks repair is about much more than aesthetics—it’s also about ensuring that your building is sturdy and safe for everyone who uses it. In and around Indianapolis, we’re the company to call for epoxy injection crack repair and much more. 

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